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VeryVerySticky is the proud maker of cool, durable and versatile labels.


Clothing labels

All our Clothing labels are washing machine (up to 60°C) and tumble dryer friendly.

We recommend to use Stick-on labels as they are very very quick and easy to apply, Just stick them onto the clothing care labels and go! They’re also very soft and thin and don’t cause any itching.

If you prefer to apply the label directly onto the clothing itself, we suggest you use the iron-on labels instead. 15 seconds only to iron the label anywhere on the fabric (cotton or linen preferably).


Kitchen & Bathroom labels

Kitchen & Bathroom labels are dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly. As they’re waterproof, they are perfect for water bottles, lunch boxes, toothbrushes, baby accessories etc.


Stationery labels

Stationery labels come in various sizes to fit different sized stationery items like pencils, notebooks, rulers, pencil cases etc. They are scratch resistant and can withstand folding and gentle cleaning.


Shoe labels

These are specially designed to stick onto the insole of the shoe.

Shoe labels are a great help to identify shoes at school, sports camps or home for example. And a must if your twins wear the same size shoe!




How to apply


Clothing stick-on labels

For a guaranteed result, stick directly onto the clothing care label (not on the clothing fabric directly).

Wait 24 hours before using, washing or drying.


Clothing iron-on labels

If your clothing doesn’t have care labels, you can use our clothing iron-on labels instead. Clothing iron-on labels should be applied directly onto the fabric (cotton, linen or any other fabric that can sustain the iron temperature on a wool-cotton setting for 15 seconds).

Set your iron to a medium to hot (wool-cotton) setting without steam. Place the label face up on the fabric and cover with parchment paper provided. Place your iron on top, apply a light pressure and hold for 15 seconds. Start the process again if the borders are not perfectly adhered to the fabric.

For a guaranteed result, wait 24 hours before using, washing or drying.


Kitchen & Bath and Toys & Stationery labels

It only takes a second to stick these labels onto a smooth, clean and dry surface, although we recommend you wait 24 hours after application before using the item.


Shoe labels

Stick directly onto the clean, dry fabric insole of each shoe (they’re less effective on rubber soled shoes like flip-flops or Crocs). Leave for 24 hours before wearing.


Label Size:

Slim: 48*8 mm

Small: 31*12mm

Medium: 36*12mm

Maxi: 47*25mm

Round: 34mm

Shoe: 28*28mm


Label pack content:

Slim for Clothing: 32 labels

Slim for Toys&Stationery: 36 labels

Small: 36 labels

Medium: 30 labels

Maxi: 24 labels

Mix Kitchen & Bath: 26 labels

Mix Stationery : 39 labels

Shoe: 12 labels (6 pairs)



Any questions? Contact us and we'll respond within 24 hours.